Wednesday, November 27, 2013

(Pas Che Bayad Kard-06) LA ILAHA ILLALLAH

I tell thee a significant point known only to the people of ecstasy
for nations, negation expresses power, affirmation expresses beauty.
Negation and affirmation together signify control of the universe:

they are the keys to the doors of the universe.
Both are the destiny of this world of Becoming.
Movement is born out of negation, stationariness, out of affirmation.
Unless the secret of negation is grasped,
the bonds of the other-than-God cannot be broken.

The beginning of every work in the world is with the word of negation:
it is the first stage of the man of God.
A nation which burns itself in its heat for a moment
recreates itself out of its own ashes.
To say No to the other-than-God is Life :

the universe is ever renewed by its tumult.
Not every person is affected by its madness ;
not every haystack is fit to catch its fire.
When this ecstasy affects the heart of a living person,
he makes sluggards sitting on the roadside to move on swiftly.

Dost thou wish the servant to fight the master (for his rights)?
Then sow the seed of No in his handful of dust.
Whoever has this burning ardour in his heart
is more awe-inspiring than the Doomsday.
No is a succession of violent blows;

it is the rumbling of thunder, not the piping tune of a flute;
its blow changes every being into non-being,
So that thou comest out of the whirlpool of Existence.
I relate to thee the history of the Arabs
that thou mayest know its good and bad aspects.

Their strokes broke Lat and Manat into pieces;
confined within dimensions, they yet lived free of all bonds.
Every old garment was torn off by them;
Chosroes and Caesars met their doom at their hands.
At times deserts were overrun by their thunder showers;

at other times seas were churned by their storms.
The whole world, no more than a straw, was set afire by them:
it was all a manifestation of No.
They were constantly astir until out of this old world
they brought forth a new one into existence.

The invitation to the truth (the -call to prayer) is
the result of their early rising ;
whatever exists is the outcome of their sowing (of seed).
The lamp of the tulip that has been lit up
was brought from the banks of their river
They erased from the tablet of their heart the
impress of the other-than-God;

hundreds of new worlds therefore came into
being at their hands.
You will similarly see that in the period of Western dominance
capital and labour have come to blows.
As the heart of Russia was sorely afflicted, the word
No came out of the depths of her being.

She has upset the old order
and applied a sharp scalpel to the veins of the world.
I have closely observed her position which is:
no kings, no church, no deity.
Her thought has remained tied to the wind-storm of negation,

and has not marched towards the affirmative “but”.
Maybe a day will come when through force of ecstasy
She may extricate herself from this whirlwind.
Life does not rest at the station of Negation,
the universe moves on towards “but”.

Negation and affirmation both are necessary for the nations:
Negation without affirmation is their death.
How can Khalil (friend) be ripe in love
unless negation guides him towards affirmation?

O you who indulge in debate in your closet,
raise the cry of negation before a Nimrod.
What you see around you is not worth two grains of barley,
be acquainted with the might of there is no deity.
He who has the sword of negation in his hands

is the ruler of all the universe.


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