Saturday, December 14, 2013

Iqbal to Jinnah: Third Letter 25th June, 1936 تیسرا خط

25th June 1936
My dear Mr. Jinnah
Sir Sikandar Hayat left Lahore a day or two ago. I think he will meet you at Bombay and have a talk with you about certain matters of importance. Daultana saw me yesterday evening. He tells me that the Muslim members of the Unionist Party are prepared to make the following declaration
“That in all matters specific to the Muslim community as an all-India minority they will be bound by the decision of the League and will never make any pact with any nom-Muslims group in the Provincial Assembly.”
“Provided the League (Provincial) makes the following declaration:
That those returned to the Provincial Assembly on the League ticket will co-operate with that party or group which has the largest number of Muslims’.”
Please let me know at your earliest convenience what you think of this proposal. Also let me know the result of your talk with Sir Sikandar Hayat. If you succeed in convincing him he may come to our side.
Hoping you are well,
Yours sincerely,
(Sd.) Mohammad Iqbal
Mayo Road, Lahore


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