Wednesday, November 27, 2013

(Pas Che Bayad Kard-09) Dar Asrar-e-Shariat

I have learnt many things from the Master of Rum,
especially have I burnt myself in (the fire of) these words of his:

“‘If you carry money for the sake of the Faith,

that money is a blessing,’ says the Prophet.”

If you don’t keep this point in mind,

you are a slave and money is your lord.

The welfare of the nations is in the hands of the poor,

while the rich man causes disruption to the nations.

In his eyes, novelty is something mean,

he buys only old things;

what is wrong he regards as right

and is afraid of the upheavals of revolution.

The capitalist usurps the portion of the labourer,

and robs the honour of his daughter.

The labourer bewails before him like a reed,

with constant cries issuing from his lips.

His cup lacks wine;

he builds palaces but is himself a homeless wanderer.

Praise be to the rich person who lives like a dervish

and is God-oriented in an age like ours.

Unless people understand the significance of a lawfully earned food,

life of society becomes miserable.

Alas! Europe is not aware of this principle,

her eyes do not see through God’s light;

she does not know lawful from unlawful,

her wisdom is immature and all her activities defective

One nation preys on another,

one sows the seed, another takes away the harvest.

It is “wisdom” to snatch food from the weak

and to rob their body of the soul.

The way of the new culture is to murder people;

and this killing is done under the garb of commerce.

These banks, the result of clever Jews’ thinking,

have taken away Cod’s light from the heart of man.

Unless this system is destroyed completely,

knowledge, religion and culture are mere empty names.

In this world of good and evil, man seldom knows

what is profitable to him and what is harmful;

nobody knows the right and wrong of an act,

which path is straight and which crooked.

The Shari’ah grows out of life’s bosom

its light illumines the darkness of the universe.

If the world were to accept its judgment regarding what is forbidden,

this system would endure for ever.

It is not for the jurists to evaluate it, O son,

look at it in another way ;

its legal formulations are based on justice and submission to Divine Will,

its roots lie in the bosom of Mustafa.

it is through “separation” (from God) that desires warm the hearts.

When “He” manifests Himself, you will cease to exist.

This separation is no doubt hard to bear,

try not to seek union with Him, rather submit to His will.

Mustafa communicated His will to us;

the injunctions of religion consist of nothing else.

The throne of Jamshid is hid under the mat (of a faqir),

 Faqr and political authority are both stations of (submission to God’s) Will;

accept the injunctions of the Shari’ah and do not complain,

the field of battle is not the place to argue why.

So far as you can help, do not disobey its law,

so that nobody may disobey your orders.

Be of “the best make” through the Shari’ah,

and inheritor of Abraham’s faith.

O man of lofty attributes, what is Tariqah?

to see the Shari’ah in the recesses of life’s heart.

If you wish to see the essence of religion clearly,

look but into the depth of your heart;

if you do not enjoy vision, your faith is only compulsion;

such a religion is a veil between you and God.

If man does not see God fully manifest,

he cannot rise higher than (the polarity of)

free-will and determinism.

Dive into your inner nature for a moment,

become a man of truth, don’t rely on mere conjecture –

that you may see the right and wrong of things,

and know what secrets lie behind these nine veils.

He who shares in the experiences of the Prophet

gets close to the faithful Gabriel.

O you who are proud of having the great Qur’an,

how long will you sit (inactive) in cell?

Reveal to the world the essence of religion,

and the significance of the clear Shari’ah;

none need be dependent on another (for one s primary needs),

this is the sum and substance of the clear Shari’ah;

the jurists and the theologians have spun long tales;

the faithful have failed to grasp this point.

A living nation met its death due to misinterpretations,

her heart lost fire (of life).

I have seen sufis of pure heart

and taken good stock of the teacher in school,

my age produced a prophet too,

who could see in the Qur’an nothing but himself;

every one of them is fully conversant with the Qur’an and the traditions;

but they are totally unaware of the true significance of the Shari’ah.

Reason and tradition both have fallen prey to lust,

their pulpit is a counter for the display of their wares.

There is no hope of salvation from these reformers.

What is the use of the sleeve when it lacks the White Hand?27
The problems of the nations cannot be set right by you,
Unless you prove by action that you are the bearer of truth.


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